Feature & benefits of business process automation

The key benefits for any organisation to implement our business process automation platform includes speed of processing transactions, improved accuracy, high availablity, full traceability and improved scalability. Other benefits include:
Reduce risk

Automate business process performed by computer software have been proven to be forty times more efficient than human in identifying risk and not making any accidental errors.

Increased employee satisfaction

Through automation of repetitive often mindless processes employees are freed to pursue more challenging aspects of their jobs.

Reduced cost

Automated processes are not only less costly than human alternatives, but also allows for scaling in production.

Self serviceability
Extends all functionalities of the platform to system user (with the appropriate rights) to create, configure and refine sytem functions or parameters themselves.
Extensible workflow
The extensible workflow capability enables the platform to be configured according to your business process requirements.
Complete audit trail
Every action performed on the platform is recored in an audit trail in order to pervent fraud or tampering with data outcomes.

About us

The very exciting business world of the future is increasingly focusing on a new paradigm where automation of mandane, repetitive processes are handled by disruptive new software technologies, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. At Desilian we are excited to be involved in this technological revolution.

Desilian is a intelligent business process automation (BPA) platform which can be implemented in a wide variety of applications ranging from FinTech, RegTech, InsureTech and others.

The standard system functionalities are such that it alone are able to address many diverse and even unique requirements. However, the platform is fully API'd and the architecture designed to allow for easy integration with other internal or external systems, as well as quick and easy customisation if required.

Desilian sells its solutions exclusively through a value added reseller partner network, whom is supported in all aspects by Desilian itself.

A unique part of the platform is a mobile module which extends the use of the application to field workers, data collectors, clients and employees on the road or in the field.

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