We live in a world of ever increasing quantities of data and that data comes in many forms.

Paper, email, electronic documents, social networks, databases, and many, many, more.

and ever increasingly complex solutions

with too many TLA's and other industry acronyms - BPA, RPA, DMS, ETL, GRC, Big Data, e-Discovery, Digital Forensics, and considerably more.

Data is everywhere and it's expanding by the day. It is no longer just created by humans, but also by connected devices - the Internet of Things (IoT).
In 2018, 33 zetabytes of data were created, that's equal to 660 billion Blu-ray disks or 33 million human brains.
This explosion of data is an unrivalled opportunity for businesses to solve problems.
But this sheer quantity of data and our inability to handle it has held us back from capitalising on this opportunity.
What's needed is a way to turn unstructured data into "Smart Data".

What is "Smart Data"?

Simply put, it's a way to view and access data in a different way. It gives data a sense of context and understanding that allows for a new kind of searching and visualisation.

It facilitates an approach to links and connections you didn't even know existed and which would likely not have been found with traditional tools and methods.


With years of experience in building applications to help our clients make sense of the unstructured data world, Desilian has built an extensible solution to take the legacy data of yesterday and combine it with today's digital needs to create an automated and visual way to turn big and/or complex data into smart data, to monitor and process huge volumes of that data and to identify hidden links between disparate and diverse datasets.