A simple dashboard that is personalised by you, for you and quickly highlights all of the actions you need to perform.

Aliases & Associations

A simple aliasing process will allow you to find matches in the in-exact world that we live in. Whether it's abbreviations, acronyms or just badly spelt words, Desilian gives you the power to look for all of the different ways an entity can be named.

Data import

A simple drag and drop can import all of the files you need to work on for a project. The files are then processed with OCR and stored ready for further processing. There's no need for a major integration project or to even involve the IT department.

Rules builder

Quickly and easily create rules and alert conditions that are always-on for your data. More complex searches are just a simple matter of linking together multiple rules.

Entity extractor

The entity extractor tool allows you to define the items within a document that you are interested in researching further. A simple selection of the field along with a location marker is all it takes to define an entity with contextual relevance that can be searched for anywhere in any document.


The Visualiser gives you an unparalleled level of insight into your data. Exposing links, degrees of separation and connections across multiple data sources at the same time that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.


With unmatched design flexibility; GUI and code development options, you have the ability to realise your dashboard and analytic vision without constraints and at massive scale.