What makes us different?

Whilst some products focus on the data import, connection or ingestion part of the process and others then review the status or the analytics - Desilian Core handles all of these tasks in a single platform, making the process seamless, more efficient, more timely and with less errors or oversights.

After several years in the making, Desilian launched its ground breaking products to a market in need of an alternative solution. Desilian Core is built from the ground up to not just make you better at the things you already do, but to give you the power to work with your data in new and innovative ways.

By taking a unique approach to well-known problems experienced in businesses that handles huge quantities of data, Desilian is revolutionizing the way in which businesses will be able to work with unstructured data related to critical business processes.

Already proven in some of the most demanding financial and legal environments, Desilian Core can be deployed in days and start producing meaningful results to your business from the outset.

Data compliance and
retention secured

Provides assistance in data compliance procedures for access and audits to your personal and business critical data.

Increased efficiency by
removing manual tasks

Create always-on rules to alert an operator of conditions present across your sources of data as they occur with the ability to carry out further tasks when a condition is found to be present.

All your data can be
accessed instantaneously

Structured and unstructured data is instantly available to be analysed.

Identification of suspicious

Content, properties, metadata and other red flag indicators related to your data can be constantly monitored.

Integration to popular
platforms is quick and easy

All extracted data is available for further processing with your own and/or external systems and services.

Significantly lower

From initial setup to ongoing customisations, Desilian does it quicker and at a lower cost.